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Oh The Humanity

The new cyborg participant in the marketplace is less human than the traditional investor, and capable of being faster, better informed, and more rational…complex algorithms are not subject to the cognitive flaws, emotional sways, and mental strains that plague the human participants of the marketplace.”  Meanwhile, Financial Advisers Seek To Inject A More Human Element: “Your ideal self and your financial self are often at war…Understanding priorities, setting up goals and then tracking both to make sure they’re in alignment…people are not better off if they do slightly better than the S&P 500 and make stupid life choices.”  Meanwhile, asking for financial advice help is the first step to recovery.



“From 2011 until 2013, dense counties at the center of large metropolitan areas in the U.S. saw faster population growth than the exurbs (“paved subdivisions on what was once rural land”), a fact cheered by city-lovers as a sign that urban living was on the rise again.  The updated Census county population estimates released Thursday, though, show that the exurbs are now again growing faster than urban places.”  That being said, “Americans are still moving at much lower rates than usual.”  Meanwhile, “the number of jobs within typical commuting distance to residents of major metro areas fell by 7 percent between 2002 and 2012…jobs both moved to the suburbs and spread out more.”  Furthermore, “between 2000 and 2010, the share of jobs located within three miles of downtown cities declined in 91 out of the 100 largest metro areas.  Meanwhile, the share of jobs located 10 or more miles away from those city centers grew in 85 out of 100 metro areas.”


Marks: Re: Liquidity


China: Lure Of Large Container Ships Fuels Canal Boom In Central America (Alt)


USA: The Economist Still Thinks The Manufacturing Renaissance Is A No Go

They are doubling down on this news: nondefense orders fell 1.4% in February.


Global: Morgan Housel’s 8 Stories Worth Paying Attention To


EM: How Might The Fragile Five Do In Another Tantrum?

EU: Greek Banks Have Lost Roughly 15% In Deposits Since November


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