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“Data collected by the marketing company Lifehack tells us that the average social media user ‘reads’ — or perhaps just clicks on — 285 pieces of content daily, an estimated 54,000 words.  If it is true, then we are reading a novel slightly longer than The Great Gatsby every day…It’s possible that streamlined scrolling of browsers and e-books, as opposed to reading on paper, can lead to what psychologists call ‘the misinformation effect.’”  “The Internet has caused society to experience a transition from a scarcity of signals to a surfeit of signals.  More information means more good information but also more bad information…We are in a world where there is vastly more to know, yet our cognitive capacities remain what they were in the Stone Age.”  “Digital natives — students who grew up with laptops in classrooms — at American University are beginning to show a preference for reading books in print…’I like holding it.  It’s not going off.  It’s not making sounds.’”  Meanwhile, “the online craft bazaar Etsy made its debut on the Nasdaq stock market Thursday, signaling the birth of an unusual public corporation — and not just because its employees carry around compost on bicycles, or because its regulatory filings are peppered with phrases like, ‘We keep it real, always.’  Etsy is one of a growing number of companies, called B Corps, that pledge to adhere to social and environmental accountability guidelines.”  Etsy is “the second for-profit company to go public out of more than 1,000 companies that have that certification…’We have a right to ask more of our corporations, and they should not exist simply to generate profit.’”  Meanwhile, Virtu Financial is a company known for “a culture that encourages its math-minded employees to continuously hone trading algorithms” and it also went public.  “Virtu’s IPO will be the first for a pure high-frequency trading firm and symbolizes how lean, technology-focused companies can have an outsize impact on global trading…’We focus on one thing and one thing only: making the tightest bid and offer on more than 11,000 financial instruments around the world.’”  Meanwhile, “the more unfamiliar someone is with the wild Black Swan-generating randomness, the more he or she believes in the optimal working of evolution…Evolution is a series of flukes, some good, many bad.  But, in the short term, it is not obvious which traits are really good for you…The idea that we are here, that this is the best of all possible worlds, and that evolution did a great job seems rather bogus.”  Meanwhile, “prospecting with a fintech tool is not nearly as fun as the old days, but it is a helluva lot smarter and more efficient.”



“There’s a new term cropping up in startup pitch meetings: ‘One-on-one.’  It means the company is seeking to raise $100 million at a valuation of $1 billion.”  Meanwhile, “Snoop Dogg has invested in a start-up called Eaze, an ‘Uber for weed’…Ashton Kutcher is putting money into Spring, a mobile commerce app that is ‘Tinder for fashion’.  The Winklevoss twins, whose claim to have” it goes on.


USA: Wages For About 80% Of Americans Peaked In 1972


China: Futures Tumble On Regulation To Decrease Borrowing, Increase Short Selling


Oil: Bloomberg Is Calling It


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